Fresh Store Testimonials

Meet a few of our Happy & Successful Members!

“I have been a user of Fresh Store since just after it was first launched and I now have several sites, each of which started generating sales within days or weeks.” – Erman Hardiman, Nikon Camera Parts

Erman runs a popular store in the digital camera niche and has done since 2010. Meet Erman in the mastermind forums and find out his favourite tips and tricks for success.

“Fresh Store is the most innovative product of its kind that I’ve seen in 17 years.
When given the opportunity to endorse this product I jumped at the chance. Why? Value.”
– Greg Cook, Water Head

Greg has a passion for water based activities; anything from swimming to wakeboarding. He has turned his passion into a popular niche store with loyal customers and regular income.Glenn B profile image

“I do Amazon affiliate marketing part time but thanks to my Fresh Stores I will sell somewhere between $650,000 and $750,000 in 2013 without ever buying stock, processing a credit card payment, managing the shipping process or handling a return.” – Glenn B, Cheap Monster High Dolls

Glenn was already an Amazon marketer, but after discovering Fresh Store his earnings have sky-rocketed. Glenn shares his excellent tips and strategies in the mastermind forums.

“A single back-link on another site of mine and my traffic and revenue jump-started within one month. I’ve never experienced this type of traffic and revenue so quickly!” – Henal Patel, Stockup Store

By thinking outside of the box, Henal built a store based on peoples desire to stockpile food in times of unrest and crisis. The wide variety of products on Amazon makes any idea possible.

“Fresh Store is a great product, with a nice community of people, quick support and endless possibilities for additional income. If you can follow the tutorials then you should be well on your way to creating a great site.” – Phil Walmsley, Toys Canada

Phil has absorbed all the guides, information, tips and tricks to build his online skills quickly and funnel them into money making stores.

“Fresh Store is easily one of the finest, most reasonably priced and valuable tools in my Internet Marketing arsenal. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a superior Amazon affiliate product website tool.” – Michael Davin, LegoLand PlayGround

After trying many other products and training, Michael discovered Fresh Store and expanded his online earnings with Fresh Store.

“Apart from obviously the great SERP results and money that I have made, what I love about Fresh Store is the admin area; it is a dream to work with and so easy to setup your stores exactly how you want them.” – Liam Beale, Cars Modified

Liam created a completely unique design for his store and specializes in high performance car parts. This is a great niche that has turned Liam’s hobby into a profitable business.

“Right after launching my first store had 1044 ordered items in 19 days using Fresh Store and I now earn over $1000/month from my stores. Thanks Carey Baird. Your software works perfectly!” – Nur Yaqin Amin

Yaqin contacted me directly from Indonesia to tell me how his Amazon stores had helped him change his life and secure his families financial future with a regular monthly income.

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